Wednesday, October 2, 2013

5 Months Later....

Hi there, remember me? The girl who used to blog about pregnancy and motherhood and other random non-important things? Well I'm BAAACCCKKKK!!! Where to begin? I guess we'll start with the obvious...Miss Adalyn Sophia. You guys, she's amazing! She turned 10 months old 10 days ago and it hit me that my baby is slowly turning into a toddler and I still can't handle it. She is such a riot. She laughs at herself, the dog, the walls, the tv, you name it. She wakes up every morning with a smile on her face. She eats like a linebacker. She loves cheese and grapes. She just figured out she can use her walker toy and walk around the house. SHE SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! This is huge obviously! We are planning first birthday festivities for her and I can't wait to watch her shove cake in her face and enjoy every last sugary drop! So let's take a brief look into what Addy has been up to since we last left off...
Addy went swimming for the first time and LOVED it!  She's seriously a water baby...
Bath time is our favorite!
She has learned to feed herself, or play in her food...depends on the day!
She goes out to dinner and can sit at our table with us now!
Toilet paper is her favorite distraction...
She learned to do her part and help with laundry...
Minnie Mouse is her favorite...
Carmen and Addy are BFF Sisters
9 months and loving it!
10 Months?!
Too tired, but won't give up the cheesy poofs!
More Addy updates to come....As for Jason and I, we are doing great!  We are knee deep in wedding planning!  I have a whole post lined up dedicated to where we stand with our wedding stuff....the house has some projects in store....I started a new job and love it (most of the time...)
Ok that's all for now....I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ME ::: In 250 Words Or Less.

I decided to join Jenni and give the blog everyday in May challenge a go!

So today, here's me, in 250 words or less... the condensed version...

I was born in Columbus Ohio on July 17th and have lived here ever since, even though every winter I swear I’m moving to Florida. I grew up in a small community just minutes from The Ohio State University and have been a proud Buckeye fan all of my life. I played tennis all throughout middle school and high school and was even on the robotics team while in high school. After graduating high school, I went to college and got my degree in organizational communications and also held down a fulltime job my last 2 years of school. I’m pretty good at time management after working 40 hours a week and taking 22 credit hours. I stumbled into the finance industry shortly after college and currently work in mortgage servicing and I actually love it. I have a beautiful baby girl who was born on Thanksgiving day in 2012, a fantastic fiancĂ©, two adorable dogs, and we finally bought our first home a week after the baby was born. Moving with a newborn is all sorts of fun, not! I love to drink cheap wine, sit outside on the patio and read, and eat cheesecake whenever I possibly can. I am getting ready to start a new job on Monday and am now throwing myself into wedding planning at the same time. Call me crazy, but I like to keep busy! Everyday is a learning experience for me.  And also it should be noted I'm not a natural blonde.

250 words exactly, BAM!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adalyn Sophia ::: Five Months


For starters, sassy could totally be your middle name.  You have your mama's attitude when you don't get your way and man oh man do I fear for the toddler tantrum days.  But then you flash the sweetest smile and suddenly all is forgotten.

You are still fitting into some 3 month clothes and are wearing a few of your 6 month clothes.  The 6 month pj's are still a little big but they are better than squeezing you into the 3 month ones.  We still get our money's worth on your clothes.  You're still in size 2 diapers and you have stopped crying as soon as you have a wet diaper which means we aren't running around trying to get you out of it as fast as humanly possible.

You have been eating baby rice cereal for dinner *almost* everyday for the last two weeks.  The first half of the bowl you think we're playing a fun game and you smile and laugh and spit the food all over your dad and I.  The second half of the bowl you actually swollow and go immediately into a baby food coma.  You eat a 5 ounce bottle every 3-4 hours, even at night.  I've adjusted to your schedule and still am clueless as to how I function on so little sleep during the days.  Daddy is getting used to your schedule too.  I don't mind the wakeups though because I know someday I'll look back and miss those late night cuddles and feedings just the two of us.

You started at your new babysitters house [mommy's cousin Mikki watches you] and so far so good!  You even have a boyfriend who is a little bit younger than you.  From what we've been told the two of you talk to eachother throughout the entire day!

You are rolling around everywhere.  And when I say rolling, I mean we literally have found you in the middle of the living room because you figured out how to get off of your playmat.  Carmen loves this because you have started reaching for her and petting her and she just licks your face and wags her little nubbin tail.  You two are going to be the best of friends! You also learned how to pull on the carpet and pull yourself even further if you see something that you want.  Needless to say, the entire house is undergoing a major baby proofing project because lord knows if you want something, you're gonna figure out how to get it.

Waking you up in the morning is the funniest and cutest thing I've ever seen.  Before you open your eyes, you always start crying.  Always.  We always say "good morning Adalyn, open those pretty eyes" and once you get your eyes open and see one of us there, you smile SO BIG!  It's the BEST way to start the day.

You weigh in at just over 13 pounds.  You're a tiny chubby baby and we love it!

You've started teething and we now know why they say it's such a hard time on everyone.  Fortunately you seem to do well with the baby orajel and also the frozen teething rings.  You go from screaming to happy as soon as we hand you one. 

When you get sleepy your little cheeks start to get rosy red.  It's adorable.

Have you noticed that everything you do is adorable/cute/amazing?

You still LOVE to cuddle. 

We went out and bought you two more wubbanubs because the one you had started showing signs of wear and tear.  You now have a giraffee wubby and a frog wubby.  Thank you buy buy baby for selling these now!

I'm a day late in writing this because mommy and daddy had BIG news to share yesterday...we're getting married!  We've been a family since the moment we found out I was pregnant with you, and now, we'll just make it official.  I think I'm more excited to find a dress for you to wear to the wedding next summer than I am to find my own wedding dress!

Adalyn, you have no idea how amazing life has been since you've been born. You are such a blessing and I feel blessed every single day that I get to be your mommy.

I love you baby girl!

Love you to the moon and back,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Goin' To the Chapel and We're....

....gonna get MARRIED!
Yup, you read that correctly.  Jason proposed and we are getting married!!!!

[anyone else out there thinking, finally? haha!]

I still am a little bit in shock to be honest just because I didn't see it coming, AT ALL.  I always knew we were going to get married, I even wrote about it a few weeks ago.  But I always thought I'd have this sixth sense and just "know" when he was going to pop the question.  Or that I'd know he was up to something and naturally assume that was what it was.  But nope.  He caught me so off guard that I'm still like, wait a second, we're engaged!

And here's the story...

Yesterday started off as any usual Sunday.   We had our "to do" lists like we do every weekend on things we need to get done around the house.  No big deal.   Our first thing was to go to Lowe's to get oil and all the necessities needed to change the oil in the lawn mower so Jason could mow the lawn.  We get everything and head back home and get lunch.  He gets the oil changed and the mower still won't start.  We had plans to go to the mall after we ate and then we would stop at Lowe's again because he thought we needed a new spark plug for the lawn mower.

While we're at the mall I suggest ask if we can stop into a few jewelry stores and just "look" at engagement rings.  We had talked for a while of shopping and looking and I figured since we were there we totally should.  We get all of our actual shopping out of the way [some work clothes, new shoes, the usual] and I look at Jason and tell him that we have time and let's go to the jewelry stores and look at diamonds.

He tells me he's tired, wants to get the lawn mower fixed and get the lawn mowed and that we'll go another time.  In true Amanda fashion, I pout because I'm sometimes like a five year old when I don't get my way.  We walk out to the car and I told him to just take Adalyn and I home so I could get her fed and he could go to Lowe's and deal with the lawn mower thing because at this point I was being a brat and also didn't want to go to the hardware store for the second time in a day.

So Jason leaves and I proceed to clean the kitchen and watch tv with Adalyn.

He came home a little while later and told me he had to ask me something.

I turn around and there he was with a ring, A RING!  I'm pretty sure my jaw would have hit the floor and bounced around if it wasn't attached to my face.  He got down on one knee asked the question I had been waiting to hear for far too long, and I of course said YES! with the world's biggest smile on my face.

Little did I know, he already had the ring picked out [and he did a damn good job, he knew I wanted something "simple and sparkly" and he got it right!] and that's why he didn't want to go look around at rings.  He told me he had thought about proposing to me on my birthday this July but once he saw me pouting he knew he would be able to totally catch me off guard and surprise me.  So while I thought he was at the hardware store, he decided now was the time to ask.

I have to say, I couldn't have asked for a better moment.  I obviously had no idea that a routine Sunday would turn out to be such an incredible day!  It was perfect, just a perfect day.

We spent the afternoon calling family and friends and by the end of the day I think my fingers were numb from all the text messages going around.  I feel so blessed to have such incredible family and friends to share our special news with!

So ladies and gents, life's about to get super crazy around here.  I should also add that I accepted a new job on Friday and start in two weeks.  It's a great promotion with a smaller company and I finally feel like I'm on the right career path, but we'll talk more about this later!

In the meantime, I am now, officially, the future Mrs. Brunswick!!!  Let the wedding planning begin!

Monday, April 15, 2013

We Survived Our First Hospital Stay.

There's a post title no mom EVER wants to write.  But unfortunately, it happened to us a couple of weeks ago.
Here's what happened.

Thursday March 28 I'm sitting at my desk at work when the daycare calls.  Even though 99.9% of the time the teachers call to ask if I care if they change her into her pajamas, I always get that little panic feeling that something is terribly wrong when I go to answer the phone.

It's Adalyn's teacher telling me that she has developed this horrible cough as did another girl in her class.  They couldn't lay her down and felt better sending her home.  So we packed up and went home and I got her into the pediatrician that afternoon.  The pediatrician told me that she thought it was a bronchial virus and that we should give her Albuterol breathing treatments every four hours to clear up her wheezing.  Seeing her with the mask on her broke my heart and I proclaimed that to be the worst day ever as a mom on Instagram when I posted this picture. 

I was wrong.

When I came into work Friday, I had an email from the daycare saying that a child in their center had been diagnosed with Pertussis (aka whooping cough).  Again, I have a mommy freak out because Adalyn has only had 2 of her 3 shots to prevent it because she's only 4 months old.

Adalyn didn't seem to get better throughout the weekend and by Sunday she was coughing so badly that she kept throwing up and she was having problems catching her breath after the episodes.  We kept up with the breathing treatments as the doctor told us to, but they were no longer helping.  By Monday morning she had developed a fever of 102 and I practically bolted out of the house to get her to Children's Hospital at 6 am.

They ran tests and said we had to stay overnight because the results took 24 hours to come back and if it did come back as Pertussis then we would need to stay longer in the hospital.  The worst part of the day was when Adalyn got her chest x-ray done.  She DID NOT like being pinned down on the table.  The little munchkin handled the IV better than that x-ray.  I seriously teared up through both but was glad that she was in such good hands while she was sick.  And then realized as I watched my 4 month old baby girl lay in  a hospital crib, that this was now the worst day ever.  It was heartbreaking.

We were admitted to the infectious disease floor and I swear it felt like we were in an episode of Grey's Anatomy.  All day long interns, residents, fellows and attendings were in and out of the room checking on our little girl.  The results came back that she had a bad case of RSV [no whooping cough! phew!] and we were told that it was normal for her to eat less than normal but more frequently.  We got sent home and spent the rest of the week cooped up in the house cuddling and eating and napping.  Needless to say, I feel like I've had a week of little naps and never any actual sleep.  Hopefully Adalyn returns to her normal sleeping habits once her cough subsides.

Good news is Adalyn is back to her normal happy bouncy and now ROLLING AROUND self! I'm so happy it wasn't something more serious, but any type of illness when your baby is sick is so scary.  I know you fellow mom's know what I mean.

So, sorry for the blogging break.  I was cooped up in our home with my sweet baby girl.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mommy brain. So much worse than Pregnancy Brain. Like a million times worse.

Mommy brain.  OH DEAR GOD the mommy brain.  You may remember a time when I swore pregnancy brain is real.  And it is.  Believe me, it's almost been scientifically proven.  So you walk around all pregnant like "omg when the baby gets here I swear I'll get my act together and I'll be smart and normal and not do crazy shit every other day because my pregnancy brain will for sure be gone."  Hahahahaha wrong!  So wrong.  In fact, mommy brain is actually worse.  Let me tell you why.  You're not pregnant anymore and are actually in charge of this new little human being.  Your mind and thoughts are constantly revolving around them so when it comes to remembering things, haha yeah right like that's going to happen.  Need some proof?

Exhibit One: The day I left the bottles at home.  In a snow storm.
It's a given that your baby needs to eat.  And when you go back to work and you send them off to daycare you have to premake their bottles.  No big deal, that's easy peasy.  Enter mommy brain.  It was literally the white death Apocalypse in Columbus.  I'm talking I went to bed with not a drop of snow on the ground and woke up to 8 inches in our backyard.  And our roads?  Definitely not getting plowed.  So, I do the normal mom thing and text my boss that I will not be coming in at 7am like I usually do and will instead come in at 11 after traffic has died down because I have the baby coming to our work daycare and I'm hoping the roads will get better.  She of course says she's doing the same thing and I'm like ok cool a few more hours with Adalyn.  We get ready to leave at 10, it takes us 30 minutes to drive our normal 15 minute drive to the office and OMG where are her 5 bottles that she takes with her?  Oh, that's right, they're still sitting in the fridge because I was so concerned with making sure we wouldn't get stuck in the snow backing out of the garage that I grabbed everything and went out the door not even thinking about it.  Who does that?!  So what did I do?  Instead of turning around and making another hour trip, I went to Target across the street from my office, bought ALL new bottles, formula, everything and washed, sanitized and made her bottles at the daycare.  I'm pretty sure they all thought I was nuts.  My only excuse...mommy brain.

Exhibit Two: The non-diapering incident that I swore I'd never talk about, ever.
Maybe mommy brain is also caused by the severe lack of sleep in the first few months of having a newborn.  Because when you're tired you're just off and less smart, right?  Well, imagine that you haven't slept more than an hour in three days because as soon as you doze off the dog absolutely has to start howling at the tree in the backyard.  You're running on empty but somehow still think you've got your shit together because the baby is happy and eating and you haven't started hallucinating yet, so that's a plus.  So there I was, a walking zombie mommy cracked out on too much coffee and dealing with the poop of all baby poops which involved Adalyn needing a bath to get cleaned off.  So we take a bath, get her clean, and then it's time to put on new jammies.  She's throwing a fit because she's cold so I hurry with the pajamas, zip them up on her and carry her downstairs.  It's time to eat, so she gets fed and then all of a sudden I feel my entire side is soaking wet.  WTF?  Her pj's are soaked and I am baffled because she's never peed through a diaper like that.  But wait, her tush isn't all fluffy because OMG I forgot to put a diaper on her.  Yup, I just wanted her to be warm and stop crying and in my zombie like state I forgot the diaper.  My only excuse...mommy brain.

Exhibit Three:  The way too many "did you do that thing I bugged you about" questions, to which all answers are "no".
I'm usually on top of things.  I call myself the house manager and thanks to automatic debit our mortgage is never ever ever going to be late.  But I've got to remember those few bills that need done and I have set iPhone reminders in my phone to do it, so those are never late either.  But then Jason will ask me to do something like "hey can you cancel the renters insurance that we had before we bought the house that we obviously don't need anymore because you signed us up and I don't know where you put the paperwork" and I'll be like "oh yeah I'm totally going to do that today."  And then this conversation happens literally 5 times after.

Jason:  Did you cancel that insurance yet?
Me: What insurance?
Jason: Oh my god, the renters insurance, did you cancel it?
Me: Obviously not, but I swear I'll do it tomorrow.
Jason: Ok because we don't want it to go to creditors.
Me: Duh.

You know who never cancelled the insurance? Me.  Thankfully instead of pestering me, Jason finally dug through my paperwork and did it himself because I couldn't keep it in my mind longer than 5 seconds to do it.  Again my only excuse...mommy brain.

There's like a million other things I've forgotten: returning phone calls and texts, to set the timer on the oven therefore burning dinner, my password to my email, where I put my keys and why they turned up in my closet by the shoes, again [I thought I'd only do that while pregnant, nope.] the list goes on and on.  And from what reliable sources tell me [mom's of much older children] there's no hope.  Once mommy brain sets in, it can't be reversed. 

And that's ok, cause hey, I may be forgetful but I've got a super cute kid to show off and distract people from the fact that I did not remember I was supposed to make cheesy potatoes for a party I forgot we had to go to.

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